Conjunctivitis (eye irritation) occurs when the conjunctiva, which is the thin, transparent tissue covering the whites of our eyes, becomes inflamed. This can become a concern during this time of the year especially, as we tend to spend an increased amount of time indoors. When you’re surrounded by friends and families in closed environment, your risk of conjunctivitis spikes due to increased exposure to bacteria, viruses and more. The signs are obvious: your eye tends to become red and often puffy.

That’s why My Clear Eyes offers red-eye exams – you can never be too careful with your vision. Conjunctivitis can be a sign of pink eye, which is indeed a real threat. If this fact concerns you, you should call us or schedule a red-eye exam online today.

With that being said, we believe that one of the best ways to treat an illness or infection is through education. Learning about the sources of something nasty like Conjunctivitis can help you take measures to defend against it, even when you’re indoors during these cold winter months.

As such, here are five common causes of conjunctivitis:

1. Bacterial infection

Perhaps one of the most common sources of pink eye, a bacterial infection is caused by many potential contaminants. This nearly always comes from an infected person either directly or indirectly via touching an infected surface.

A sure sign of bacterial conjunctivitis is thick pus coming out of your eye accompanied by swelling and redness. Often, this can also cause your eyes to stick shut after a night’s rest, and while this is certainly unpleasant, it can easily be treated at My Clear Eyes. All you must do is schedule an appointment and get prescription drops from My Clear Eyes today- we’re here to help.


2. Viral infection

Another common source of conjunctivitis and pink eye comes from viral contamination, and this cause tends to be highly contagious. The unfortunate reality of this matter is that viral infections actively seek out new hosts to infect. 

Many of the same symptoms of a bacterial infection, i.e., red eye, pus, watery discharge, etc., are present with a viral infection. The treatment, however, is a tad different as viruses simply don’t respond to antibiotics. With this in mind, My Clear Eyes can still help by providing Visine eye drops. Call or schedule an appointment online today, as these are not available over the counter!


3. Allergies

Conjunctivitis can also be a result of irritating allergens like pollen, dust, pets, and more. These nasty irritants can transform your eyes into a red, irritated mess. Thankfully, we can also provide antihistamine eye drops here at MyClearEyes. In the event that your allergies are excessive, we even have prescription-strength options.


4. Irritants

Every day, your eyes can be exposed to smoke, chemicals, dust and other pollutants. While we recommend avoiding them as much as possible to protect your eyes, the reality is that you may accidentally make contact and not even know it. Working in polluted environments is often a major source of these irritants, and you may be at risk if you work outdoors. If you’re simply not sure why your eye is irritated, it’s best to come in for an appointment. We can find a personalized solution for your eyes whether the damage comes from smoke or pink eye.


5. Giant Papillary Conjunctivitis (GPC)

Giant Papillary Conjunctivitis, also known as GPC, tends to affect soft contact lens owners. Sure signs of this infection are bumps on the underside of your eyelids, itchy, watery, and red eyes. To solve this issue, we recommend you remove your contacts immediately and introduce prescription eye drops to your infected eyes. We may also need to look into other options for you, such as switching contact lens type or brand. The good news, of course, is that we can help you at MyClearEyes!


Red Eye? Schedule an Appointment Today!

We recommend that you schedule an appointment or come in for a walk-in appointment with the first signs of conjunctivitis. If we catch it early enough, conjunctivitis does not pose a severe threat to eye injury- even if it’s pink eye. Diagnosing and treating you immediately can help you restore your comfort and vision back to normal! If you are concerned about your red eyes, never forget that you can easily schedule an appointment online today here. 

My Clear Eyes looks forward to working with our wonderful patients and providing some relief for their discomfort. If you have questions not answered in this blog, feel free to call us at 440. 220.6715 and our fabulous staff will help you.


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